Chess Programs

Scholastic Programs

Long Island Chess Kids will provide a complete chess education solution to meet the needs of your scholastic chess program. We provide professional chess instructors, a comprehensive curriculum and home study materials.We offer morning curriculum classes and after school programs.

Our instructors have years of experience teaching scholastic chess to beginners, intermediates, and experts. We use a question and answer format to encourage children to participate and form their own ideas. Our lessons are entertaining and challenging.

Beginners learn the fundamentals of the game. Experienced players learn essential strategies and tactics necessary for successful, winning chess.

Our lessons balance instruction and supervised chess play. We believe that children need to apply their new skills immediately in order to integrate them into their own chess. By playing with their friends, and instructors, our students can retain and use chess concepts well past the lessons.

Community Chess Programs

Long Island Chess Kids teaches chess classes for community groups, youth organizations and neighborhood youth chess clubs.

The program is designed for community organizations that provide extracurricular and enrichment programs for children and teenagers. These programs include park districts, scouting troupes, church and synagogue youth groups and home schooling groups.

Chess is a wonderful enrichment activity offering children an arena to succeed in. Chess can become meaningful and rewarding to children who enjoy sports, art and intellectual pursuits, yet it can also bring great rewards to those children who have not yet found their niche. 


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