Best school in all USA!!!

Long Island Chess Kids, Thu 19th of December 2013

I am excited to report our outstanding team and individual results! 


Final Team Results:

Kindergarten - 3rd Place

First Grade - 7th Place

Second Grade - 3rd Place

Third Grade - 7th Place

Fourth Grade - 2nd Place

Fifth Grade - 1st Place!


Overall Speyer Legacy school has better result then any other school in United States! 

Thats something isnt it!?

Individual Awards:
 5th Grade:  Ethan Joo - 2nd Place!


Individual Championship Awards:

First Grade: John Kian O'Neill - 5.5 points (7th Place)


Second Grade: Ryan Harada Peterson - 5.5 points (11th Place)


Second Grade: Nivedita T Morris - 5.0 points (Tied for 15th Place)


Third Grade: Jonathan P. Manta - 5.0 points (Tied for 15th place)


Fourth Grade: Anthony Wong - 5.0 points (Tied for 15th place)


Fifth Grade: Ethan Joo - 6.0 points (2nd Place)


Fifth Grade: Akira Wood Nakada - 5.0 points (Tied for 15th place)




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Phone: 646-667-7276

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