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Vladimir is an International Grand Master.

He started to play chess at the age of eight, and has played it since then.

His most successful tournaments were Manhattan Open 2011 where he came first and got his final GM norm and Belorussian Individual Championship 2009 where he came second.Very exsperienced chess player and coach.





Danilo is chess master from Montenegro

He started working with us five years ago, teaching at our summer camps and after-school programs. Danilo loves working with children because they are spontaneous.

β€œIt makes me feel useful when I am able to transfer my knowledge to my students,” said Danilo, β€œIt is my contribution to American society.”




Alexander  is a USCF National Master and Senior Tournament Director.

He has extensive experience developing chess curricula, teaching and coaching chess to children at all levels of play, and organizing and running chess tournaments. 

Alex was employed for over ten years at Chess-in-the-Schools, during which time he held the positions of chess instructor, field director, director of tournaments, and then Vice President of Programs. 
His also native of Long Island.


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